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Ordering Online

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Product Use & Safety

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Do you have retail stores?

We have chosen to sell our products direct to the public and exclusively online.

How secure is online shopping?

Extremely secure. We are 100% dedicated to ensuring a secure online shopping experience, whilst keeping our customer’s identity and personal information private and secure. We ensure the highest levels of security for our online customers.

I’m reluctant to purchase without seeing the product first?

We completely understand this and have done a couple of things to ensure your peace of mind. Firstly, we have provided as much information and as many detailed images and videos as possible, giving you a comprehensive online 'retail' experience.

We also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with your product when you receive it, simply email us and we'll provide details for you to return it to us for a full refund, no questions asked.

I do not want to order online, what other ways can I order?

You are welcome to order by phoning 1-888-795-2710

Will I be charged any import duties or taxes?

Deliveries within the US are not subject to any customs charges, taxes or duty. If you are ordering outside of the US your order may attract some import duties or local sales taxes depending on your location. These will be calculated and paid during Checkout so we can arrange for them to be paid upon entry - ensuring a hassle-free and timely delivery.

What are my online payment options?

Payments are accepted using your choice of Visa, Amex or MasterCard.

What currency will I be charged in?

Our online store will automatically calculate the price in one of 8 main currencies accepted by Lujo, depending on your location. e.g. USA will be charged in USD

What happens to my card details when I have purchased?

We do not store ANY credit card details after purchase. Payments are processed securely by highly trusted payment provider – Direct Payment Solutions (DPS).

I can’t seem to order online?

We make every effort to ensure our website is 100% functional at all times. However, if you encounter a fault or error, please email info@lujoliving.com with the relevant information and we will ensure it is resolved asap. Alternatively, use our Online Chat or call us on 1-888-795-2710 and we will process your order over the phone.



What countries do you ship to?

We ship our products worldwide, free of charge.

What shipping methods do you use?

We work with a number of reputable and reliable multi-national Shipping Carriers to get your products to you as cost effectively, and quickly, as possible. These carriers include Fedex and TNT Express

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free, worldwide

How long will my order take to arrive?

7-14 working days. If for unforeseen circumstances we think there will be substantial delays we will contact you directly to discuss, and will happily refund your money at your request if the delivery time is deemed not suitable.

My product hasn’t arrived – how can I find out where it is?

All products are tracked, and you will receive tracking details within 48 hours of your order being shipped. If your order does not arrive within the specified delivery time please contact us and we will assist.

What if I miss the delivery of my order?

Unless you specify on your order that your products can be left at your delivery address if you are not home, a Card-to-Call will be left. Alternatively, you can liaise directly with the courier, once tracking information is received, to arrange a suitable delivery time.

Can I return or exchange my order if I’m not happy with it?

Absolutely. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with your product when you receive it, simply email us and we will give you instructions about returning it to us for a full refund.

All items are to be returned in their original condition and packaging.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Full instructions can be found here

When and how will I receive my refund?

Refunds will be processed within 3 working days of receiving your returned items.

If you paid by credit card, we will refund your credit card. If you paid by direct debit we will arrange to refund direct to your bank account.



What are the dimensions of the products?

All dimensions can be found on the product purchase page, under the tab "size"

Are the hammock and sun lounger easy to assemble?

Very easy. They come with illustrated assembly instructions and shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes.

Can I order a hammock without the stand?

Certainly. There is an option to purchase the hammock separately on the hammock purchase page.

Are the hammocks designed for one or two?

We have single and double hammocks available

How do you get on and off the hammock with two people?

There are two methods. If one person is already in the hammock they just need to shuffle over as the second person gets in. If you both want to get on at the same time, simply take a side each, sit down at the same time and swing your legs around, or get on one at a time.

Do you provide beans for my bean bag?

For our US and Canadian-based customers, you have the option to add beans to your order and we will arrange to send the beans separately to arrive around the same time as your bean bag covers.

Outside of the US our bean bags are shipped unfilled, direct from our warehouse in New Zealand, for shipping efficiencies. You will need to arrange to purchase beans locally

Full details can be found here

How many litres of beans does it take to fill my bean bag?

The amount of beans largely depends on how firm you like your bean bag to be, but approximate filling volumes can be found here

Will I need to top up the beans regularly?

The polystyrene beans will compress over time, making the bean bags more and more comfortable. You may choose to add a few handfuls of beans from time to time to help the bean bag keep its shape.

Can children access the beans in my bean bag?

No. Our bean bags and liners come with Safety Zips that allow you to remove the zipper tab once filled, so children cannot access the beans.

Should you need to open to the zipper in future, simply slide a paper clip through the hole in the zip slider and use it to open and close the zipper, then remove the paperclip after use.

Is the rocking kwila sun lounger stable?

Yes. You can find your centre of balance and rock gently, or you can lock it into your favourite position using the rubber stopper provided with purchase.

Can the kwila sun lounger be left outdoors all the time?

Yes, it can. We use durable Kwila, Sunbrella marine fabric, quick dry outdoor foam and stainless components, all designed for prolonged outdoor use.

What are the Giant Cushions filled with?

We use soft yet compression-resilient balls of ‘spongy’ polyester fibre for an ultra-comfortable lounging experience. Alternatively, they can be purchased unfilled or filled with standard polystyrene bean bag beans

Can the Giant Cushions be left outdoors?

Absolutely. They use Sunbrella marine fabrics and the same waterproof internal liners our outdoor bean bags use.

Do the indoor bean bags come with liners?

No, these are designed for the beans to go directly into the shell. The Warwick and Textillia commercial-grade fabrics are designed for spot cleaning.



What Warranty do your products come with?

Our products all come with a 5 Year Product Warranty and Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty. Outdoor Rugs produced by ou partner Mill in the USA come with a 3-Year Product Warranty. Full details can be found here

Is it true that Sunbrella has a 5 Year Warranty on fading? How is this possible?

Sunbrella® is the result of over 45 years of ongoing research and development. Sunbrella's® UV-resistant color pigments are fully blended into its high-performance fiber during production, making them extremely resistant to fading, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Are Sunbrella® fabrics waterproof?

Because Sunbrella®  fabrics are designed to be breathable, they are water repellent, but not completely waterproof. Over time, the water repellency can be refreshed by using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

How do I look after my Lujo products?

Detailed information on product care can be found here

Can I leave my Lujo outdoor products in the elements 24/7?

Lujo outdoor products have been designed to handle the toughest outdoor elements and can be left outdoors all year round if you desire. However, we recommend bringing them in over winter if not in use, as this will prolong the life of the product. Kwila stands can be left out all year round, or disassembled for storage

How do I look after the Kwila stand?

Lujo Hammock Stands are made from treated Kwila, so are extremely weather resistant. However, like all wood, it will weather over time. We recommend oiling the wood once every 6 months or so with a Kwila Furniture Oil, to help maintain its natural colour and lustre.

Will the Kwila bleed?

Kwila wood contains natural oils, which is why it is such a durable wood for outdoor use. There may be an initial period of bleeding, but this will fade naturally over time, or can be water-blasted or bleached to remove quickly. We recommend giving the stand a good hosing down on grass before putting it on paving or deck, to reduce resin bleed

What happens if I spill something on my product?

All the fabrics we use on our indoor and outdoor products have been treated and are stain resistant.

Can I wash my bean bag, sun-lounger and cushion covers in the washing machine?

Sunbrella covers are machine washable. We recommend using a mixture of water and a mild soap solution, such as Woolite, on a slow or no spin cycle. We also recommend re-spraying with 303 Fabric Guard after washing to replenish water repellency.

Lujo Indoor Bean bags are not machine-washable, simply vacuum and spot clean as required. You can however professionally dry clean as needed.